Attention: APWU Holiday PSE’s

by Admin on January 9, 2016

At the time the Holiday PSEs were hired, management was in the process of changing their hiring procedure. One group of employees came from the old procedure, and the other from the new. The employees were given two hire on dates – 11-14-15 for employees who were under the old procedure and 11-15-15 for employees who had applied under the new procedure. When the seniority list was generated, Web Coins (the postal service system) adjusted all of the dates to 11-14-15 so the current list is not accurate.
The corrected seniority list will be posted as soon as it is available.
Pam Roy will be calling these employees in seniority order. The first six who are interested in becoming 360 day PSE’s will be returned to work.

Marci Roberts
President, APWU Local 888

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