Officers & Stewards



Your local officers and stewards are here for you.  They are here to uphold the contract and the rights of each employee.  If at any time you feel that management has violated the contract, ELM, or your rights, please do not hesitate to request a steward.  You have the right and one should be provided within one (1) hour from the time of your request.  (Negotiable around critical dispatch time.)

The Board of Trustees is also here for you.  If at any time you have something you would like the board to address, submit to them a written request before the regularly scheduled meeting.  You are the voice of the union, make it heard.

Contacting your Local Officers:
Click the link for a comprehensive, downloadable and printable list, APWU Stewards List.

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Contacting Your Business Agents by Email
Please use the email addresses listed below to contact the NBAs directly.  When emailing them, please send your questions to both.  Thank you.

Bob Kessler (Clerk craft) –
Dennis Taff (Clerk craft) –

Dean Hathaway (Maintenance craft) –